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ForzaRossa said: and surroundings :)
I would have to agree. Looking good Joe! Looks like it was a stellar day!

BTW - I like your "Magnum P.I." pose. :green: :green:

People at work ask me if I have a Hawaiian shirt to go with the car. I bet you get that too.

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all at once.

yes, it was a glorious day. mid 80's and perfect top off weather. whats great is that all you see is a 5 minute drive from my house. i love not being in the city. :green:

and i do get asked if i have a hawaiian shirt all the time. and yes i do. :green: i wear it sometimes at the local cruise nights. just for kicks.

i have shown the car at a couple classic car shows that are mainly for "american iron", but the ferrari gets its share of drooling as much as any muscle car. i brought it out in june to the ferraris and maserati's on 12th in seattle. and coming up on the 31st in seattle they are having the 12th annual "italian concours". basically a show for all italian makes. car and bike. should be a awsome day.

really i love to show the car as much as i love to drive it. i really like the conversation with old hot rodders to the british die hards. at 22 im just glad to be able to talk with so many people about different cars. i mean i like what japan brings as far as their sports cars (not hondas). but lets face it most guys my age could not give a rip about a 70 year old guy who has had a 66' e-type since it was a year old. and restored it and repainted it himself. and the fact that the car has 160k on the odometer says that he loves the car and loves to drive. most guys my age would have to look on the tail of the car to see what it was. its a shame.
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