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Oudoor Cover For a 308...

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Hi Gang:

Can anyone please recommend a top quality cover for a 308?

I would like to buy a 308 GTS and I will be parking the car outside of the front of my house (I realize this isn't an ideal situation, I don't have a garage) during the spring and summer months. I'll store it in the winter, I'm in Canada.

I plan on driving the car everyday, but I would like to cover it up at night. I am hoping that the cover will offer some kind of deterrent against emblem theft, scratches and the wet weather on off days. Is there such a thing as a lockable one? or difficult to cut?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Thank you, Glenn
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Thanks Pete.

Of course I am all set to sell the house to get one with a garage, but my wife an kids started crying. Looks like I might have to move out on my own!

I thought of the 'instant garage' as you have pictured, but I don't hink it would go over all that well with the neighbours. I live on a quiet one way street in the city. The houses are fairly close together and my parking is a one car driveway or parking pad in front of my house.

I thought I might be able to build an elaborate rollable steel door that could be pulled over the whole car like you see on store fronts, so I am open to ideas!

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