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I guess you know that you will get some guys giving you a hard time for buying a Ferrari without first having a proper home for it!! :wink:

They do make lockable car covers, but I think you'll find that if someone is going to try and steal the car cover, they won't realize that its locked until after they have already started removing it. They may pull on it and damage it and scratch the car in the process. You might be better off with a cheap car cover and motion sensing light on the side of the house. If they want the cheap cover they can take it, at least they won't damage the car doing it.

Another idea, have you thought about getting a portable garage? The one below is 12'Wx20'Lx8'H and sells through Shelters of America for USD 400. I like the idea of this better than a car cover because it does not actually touch the car. It would also hide the shape of the car so anyone just "driving by" would have no idea what is in it. With just the car cover, kids out to cause trouble would see the shape and perhaps want to take a look to see what it is.


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