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Hello Ferarists
I have to buy a 355 stainless exhaust and I poned to the factory to know if with my Ferrari club (created by me with friends in France) I would have special prices.
they told me yes but you must order for 3 pieces to have a realy interesting price.
So If 2 of you need a sport exhaust you can join me...
heres is the prices and the difference between a Tubi...

F355 1150 euros vs tubi 2900 euros
F348 1050 euros vs tubi 2300 euros
Mondial T 1250 euros vs tubi 2330 euros
F360 1700 euros vs tubi about 3800 euros
It is serious and secured because You would pay to the factory, not to me..
I had one of these exhaust on my 348 3 years and supersoud was...

I will give more informations and photos on my private email.
[email protected]
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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