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Only Bad Thing about My 550

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Everything is great but one very small idem, the horn. When you hit it, it sounds like a little toy car. Tweet-tweet, not the blast of what I had expected. If this is the only thing wrong about this great car, I will feel very lucky to be an owner of one.

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Does anyone still have a sound file with the sound? I'd love to make fun of ferrari for yet another reason.

And I got the impression that someone thought that normal horns can't make a decent sound. But I believe that's nonsense since I've heard a lot of regular horns (and also air-horns... totally cool sound) and a lot of them sound quite good. Although nothing beats an air-horn ofcourse... specially the big ones that Mercedes has for their ACTROS... those things are HUGE and sound like a fart from God...
Thanx :p That was hilarious. Horn sounds like an italian fart :p

Great commercial too :p
1 - 2 of 27 Posts
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