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One of the perks of beeing a race car driver ;)

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Now this is another good reason why i want that job.
first of all you get a really cool company car and second if you are lucky you also get one to drive home without beeing arrested and well this is another bonus :wink: :green:


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Nice picture :) Took also some shots at the them at and (the site of my girlfriend! The pictures were shot by a digicam, my other pictures still has to be developed...hope to have them next week :)

ps. How about that race...nice wasn't it? Bit rainy :-?
No kidding it was rainy, it was pouring out of the sky, i left during the night because i got sick of it, and because they announced over the speakers that during the night it would even get worse.
BUT i do have some amazing shots, especially with the spray.

Well Waldo it looks that you where also standing unther the covered grand stands during the start.

At what time did you arrive? i was at the track at around 9:15 and watched all the races, especially the ETCC, those guys are just amazing and cool to watch :D
Dirk..I arrived at saturday around eleven. But first we went onto the paddock. There we should get something from the Zwaan drivers. But they left already (it was also very difficult to get onto the paddock, because we got the wrong braselets... :(
But we did got there and did get some autographes of some Viper drivers...

We also saw Tom Coronel on a scooter...he just went to fast to take a picture :lol:

Then after almost all the races, and just before the start, we went to the tribune (the one without the roof)...and there my girlfriend got stuck behind something and where pents were toarn...(is that good English????) make a long story short, we went back to the car and back to the hotel in Spa (Dorient).
We arrived back at the track around five and then went to the tribune with the roof (just when there was another pacecar situation).
We left around eight for dinner in Spa (Italian ofcourse :green: )
At sunday we arrived at eleven again and left around one. Because of all the hills we were broken...everything hurts!!!!!

but we had a very nice time!
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That was your first time on Spa?
this time because of the rain i only walked around half the track
during the 24 hours the first day i do 1 side and the next day the other because in the dark it's pretty annoying in the forest.
i left somewhere after midnight and it was still raining :cry:
and next time just do what i usually do, sleep a few hours in the car.
or when it's good weather i sometimes just say up all night hanging around the track
Dj Dirk said:
...and next time just do what i usually do, sleep a few hours in the car.
or when it's good weather i sometimes just say up all night hanging around the track
I don't think my girlfriend would like that very much. She isn't a big racefreak but did like this, also because of the very, very nice hotel!! ( was a bit expensive...but so nice!!!) :green: :green:
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