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The sun's back out in California, so I'm looking to get some more time in the Ferrari. Here's the stable: BMW M3, Radical SR3, Ferrari 360.


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Nice stable. I like the Racial. Where do you get one of those? Is it a kit?

I mentioned the Radical last year in the most bang for your buck thread - I knew one would turn up one day!!
sweet a Radical

now that's a killer track car :green:
Love the radical. Friends who have driven it on the track said it is awesome.
Yep, the Radical is a blast on the track - I'll have it at some 30 track days this year. It handles like a kart and will out drag-race most cars down the main straight as well. It's taking me a fair bit of learning to pick up - the lap times are so fast and it's a bit hard to have faith that the tires and the aero will hang on to hold the car on the track :) So far, it's been low maintenance, but I've only had it since December.

We get 5-6 of them at most of our track days.

NICE stable!!!
Wow, that's a fantastic garage! I see you've got a lift in there too. Cool. A nice trio of toys!
Why didn't i see this post? :oops:

Nice collection of cars you have there, the modena absolutely outshines everything else, and the radical is a great choice! Wish i had the guts to buy one of those.
Thanks for the comments, guys. I've been getting some time with the Ferrari, now I've got to get the Radical back on the track. April 1 is the next track day, and I'm itching to get out there...

If you guys track your Ferraris, you've definitely got to try the Radical (or a variety of similar sports racers I suppose). By comparison, it's cheap, and will give you quite the thrill.

1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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