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Oil filters on 308

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Hi everyone, Hate to beat a dead horse, but this oil filter thing has me stumped. Oil psi on start up getting slower, so I shut the car off and let it sit for 24 hours. Pulled off the fram filter I got from a ferrari dealer, not a drop in it. Let it sit mounting face up, looked in with a shop light no oil.
Dealers going to send a new one, any ideas??? Dan
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Dan, First of all what is getting slower mean. How many secs. before the light goes off. Also did you cut the filter in half to check? I got to say that to be sure the Baldwin is the best filter. There was a problem with Fram standpipe filters having a problem bleeding off from a warped internal rubber washer under the standpipe. Just don't panic with a couple of secs. of the red light being on.
Dan, Are you looking at the guage or the light. I know that on my 308 the light goes out in about 2 secs on cold start up and the guage comes up about a couple of secs later. When the light goes out I know the pressure is building. Sometimes the guages don't react as quickly as the light. The needle can be sticking a bit. Try the new filter but I think it will be close or no change at all. Now if you were talking 10 or 15 secs. I could see cause for concern. JMO
Dan, give us a count as to what longer is, by how many secs? Does the light go out before the guage comes up? Once it comes up what does the guage show on cold start and what does it show as the engine warms. If the light and guage are 8 to 10 secs or more before showing pressure then something is wrong and it probably isn't the filter. The next thing to do is check the pressure at the sending unit. If it is ok there and it comes up within the 4 sec. period of time you know it is ok and your elec. guage probably is the problem. If it is still a long period of time when you check with a guage at the sending unit then suspect other things such as the oil pump.
Hey Dan, How did it go? I hope everything went well.
Bruno, You mentioned about Ferrari approving Fram oil filters. In your owners manual Ferrari reccommends the Fram oil filter.
Bruno, I can't see why they would gig you at the show on the Fram filter since it is orig. recommend. Maybe they didn't know what the recommended filter was on a older car. Anyway I am not trying to sell Fram here. I still think Baldwin is the best of the bunch. I also agree that 8 secs is wayyy too long for pressure at the guage. I still can't get Dan to tell me if the light goes out sooner then the needle in the guage goes up. He could have a sticking needle in the guage which is causing the problem of looking like it is not picking up pressure. Earlier in one of his posts he mentions that the light goes out in a couple of secs. Not being there I can't read it.
OK Dan, Not to beat a dead horse as you would say but let me try again. On cold start, having set overnight, when the engine starts, if the red light takes 2 to 3 secs. to go out and the needle takes another 4 secs to jump and you have a total of 6-7secs then the needle is sticking and there is no problem. My guage does the same thing and when I tap on the guage the needle goes up immediately. Changing filters will not solve it.
No Bruno, I haven't checked a Baldwin But there are a lot of guys I know who swear by them. I think they all leak off over time. I also know a lot of guys have sworn off the UFI since the filter oil seal to the filter mount on the motor was blowing out and pumping oil onto the engine. There were many. I don't know if they have that problem corrected or not. A lot of guys will not go near them now.
OK, Post the pic and I will give you my opinion.
Also Bruno, The Baldwin oil filter no. is B253.
How does the line hook up to the bottom of the filter. Is it another olate that screws on the existing oil filter plate?
That typo should not be olate but "plate."
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