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Oil filters on 308

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Hi everyone, Hate to beat a dead horse, but this oil filter thing has me stumped. Oil psi on start up getting slower, so I shut the car off and let it sit for 24 hours. Pulled off the fram filter I got from a ferrari dealer, not a drop in it. Let it sit mounting face up, looked in with a shop light no oil.
Dealers going to send a new one, any ideas??? Dan
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I am running a mobil 1 on my 308 now. I will remove it and see if the oil remains in it. I too noticed that the frams bleed down. How long did car sit?
I am running a mobil 1 on my 308 now. I will remove it and see if the oil remains in it. I too noticed that the frams bleed down. How long did car sit?
my cars have ben sitting for over a week.I'll check them out 1 has a mobil 1 the others have baldwins.I'll let you know in day or 2.
Ok. The mobil 1 and the fram filter both bled done and where void of oil.I put the ufi back on my 308. I am going to let it sit till weekend.I'll let you know if it holds any oil.I am dissapointed about the mobil1.I knew the fram would eventually leak. Anybody know about the rumor that Ferrari approved of the Fram filters for use??????????????????
Well I checke dthe UFI today. It is holding oil after 5 days. I dont think it is 100% full but oil is in it. I am seting it upside down on my garage floor to se how long it takes to bleed out. If at all. Will post update in week or sooner if it bleeds down sooner.
You can get ufi from Ferrari.It is outrageous. I will lokk and post ufi part#.
Magoo, I hear that al the time but I lost points at a car show back in the 80's for having the fram instead of the ufi. Seems like his car is taking to long to pump up oil either way. 8 seconds from empty is a lot. I will time mine when I switch filters again with new. also my ufi is dripping out oil but slowly. I will post when it is empty. Guessing about 10 days. If that is so must start car 1 time a week to keep it filled.When in winter storage it doesnt matter to me.
Guys I aint dishing the Ferrari fram recommendation. My current experiment between fram,mobil 1, and UFI has UFI the winner. I dont have a baldwin on any of my cars to test. Magoo Did you ever change the baldwin and leave it upside down for a few days to see if it drains????
I used frams since the 80's. I am geting convinced to go to the UFI however.
Yes UFI had a recall.It is suppose to be fixed. What is the baldwin number for 308? Will try. The ufi does hold the oil back longer than fram and mobil 1. However even after an oil change with a new empty filter my pressure comes up in 2-3 seconds. Not 7-8. I think his gauge or sending unit is sticking. Also I am going to post a pick of the most worn area of the seat in my 400.Tell me if you think the dye we discussed will improve it or if I should leave it alone.
That UFI filter I turned upside down back when this thread started just now stopped leaking oil.The Fram has been empty. Looks like the UFI does retain the oil and prevent bleed down better than the fram. When I pull the baldwins off my 400 I will test them also.
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