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Oh my god does Capristo Exhaust sound great.

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Put on the new capristo exhaust with carbon fiber tips and capristo test pipes. It droped 44lbs off the car and gained 20hp. Also add GT air filters. Lowered the car 1/2 in in the front and 3/4 inch in the rear. Also put on Maya 19 chrome wheels. Due to the front fenders getting pulled down from the bigger wheels, I have to get the fenders rolled. Tthought it was going to be a cheap job, found out it is going to cost me $2K. After the fenders are done I am going to get the ECU upgrade and GROUPE M cabon air box. Here are some pics of the exhuast.

Here some pics of my car with the new wheels.

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Very nice TDF(it is, right?) 360! So how different is the sound from your new exhaust compared with the stock or maybe even a Tubi?

The rims are nice, but I think I would like them even more if they weren't chromed. But hey, it's your car. :wink: :)
Looks great Dave, I'm sure the sound is fabulous!!

And don't forget to post photos of the air boxes when you've installed them.

Have fun. :D
I like that color on Modena's :D

Make sure you post more pics after the modifications ;)
beautiful looking car and great exhaust. Welcome to the site. How long have you had the car?
great colour on the modena
so how hard is the capristo?, can you make a small vid whille revving the engine ( hint hint :green: )

altough chromed rims aren't my thing, i do like the laoyout of those rims
yeah, i'd like to know how much louder it is compared to the Tubi. do keep us posted. would be cool if you could attach a mini vid of the car.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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