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I'm looking for drive cycle information on the 1997 F355 OBD2 computer.

I've reset mine with an OBD Scan tool and my local State EPA gets a not ready signal.

I've drivin the car 250 miles since reset with about 15 restarts and shut downs.

Does anyone know how many miles are needed before the OBD computer is in "ready" mode?

Two factory authorized dealers haven't a clue (or they aren't willing to share the info). My local dealer using his SD1 tool says my car is just fine and there is no problem. Another dealer said that Ferrari used a non standard implimintation of the OBD and has a limited manufactures status for non-compliance, and that no state OBD reader can get readings.

My state won't give exemptions unless $648 is spent on trying to fix the problem, My dealer says there is no problem. Bottom line is that I can't get smogged or exempted (Unless I throw away $648 for a non performed non repair).

Maybe I just haven't driven enough for the computer to re-ready itself. No check engine lights are on and the car runs just fine.

Jeff Davison
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