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A Corvette won the GTS class in the ALM Series in Northern California today. Oh where oh where are the Maranellos?

A Lambo did take out a Corvette. A Lambo took second.

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It is normal practice for Ferrari to be concerned with only one form of racing. Formula 1. While Enzo was alive the rule was, as long as we're doing well in Formula 1 we'll venture into other racing series. Once the F1 team starts doing poorly all efforts are brought to bear in that series.

Now. First, Enzo's dead.
Second, the F1 team is doing well. Very well.

So, why isn't Ferrari putting more of an effort to sports car racing? They don't have to. The cars are moving out the doors with ease. Car sales for Ferrari, don't forget, are only a source of funding for Formula 1. Their mission statement is being accomplished.

Porsche, on the other hand, is in the profit from making cars game. They race because it helps to sell cars and more cars sold makes Porsche more money. Which is why they made the Cayenne and why that model alone has boosted Porsche's sales profits almost 50% ( ). SUVs make up a lot of the profits for most car makers.

The other thing you have to remember is that when you buy a Ferrari to race in one of these series, ALMS or Gand Am, you have to do a lot of development yourself. That cost a lot of money. When you buy a Porsche from the factory it's ready to race. Honest to god, air up the tires, charge the shocks, if you've got the talent you can run at the front. That's why more people run the Porsche. And more people running the Porsche means the factory, because of their amazing support program, has more info to improve the car. And everyone gets the newest updates. Not just one team. I doubt any of the Ferrari runners are sharing tech info.

If that Lambo is already that fast in its second outing it isn’t very good for the Ferraris. It took forever for the Vetts to unseat the Vipers and the Ferraris still haven't unseated the Vetts. If that Lambo has that much speed already I'd say it's almost game over for the Ferrari's
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