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Norcal track day July 5th 2006

On here is the break down for an open track day at Thunder hill race way. (Open mean anyone who comes in any car so STOP asking)

Helmets are required for anyone on track. Everyone who comes in the property signs a release form. Everyone including passengers must sign an additional form and get a wristband.

Each car WILL be teched to make sure it is road worthy. (If you drove it there then it is fine.) Remember, brakes and tires will be severely put to the test. Cars leaking oil will NOT be allowed on the track

No convertibles unless they have a roll bar. Hoops or pop up hoops behind the seats are not considered roll bars.

We as a community need to come up with $9000.00 (this includes food service)

The cost per person is determined by how many we get to go. If we have 50 cars go than the cost is $180 per car. THE MORE WE HVE THE CHEAPER IT GETS.

If you are 100% committed to July 5th then pay pal me the following.

[email protected]

$180.00 (as more cars are added we will refund the difference but for now this is the rate)

We need to come up with $2500.00 for a deposit which is NOT refundable. SO if ALL of you are serious about a track day then help spread the word to your friends and forums.
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