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NORCAL Meets are back in Business (Socal FYI on events for you)

Ok everyone I am back to the old job of organizing everyone for meets and drives. Sorry for the year off, work and all but we are back again.

After thinking things over we are going to do something different. We are going to plan a Stanford meet like the old days. Yes I know we got kicked out of there but leave that part to me.

Here is the deal.

We will meet on 5/21/06 (this is a Sunday) I STRONGLY erg everyone who plans to attend future drives and meet thought the year to attend this meet. I know some of you are in school and can not make it. Please do not worry as I have taken in account of this. This meet will be the usual hang out from 10:00am to 12:00pm then go for a drive.

However at this meet I will need assistance from everyone for the following:

Please research events that take place during the weekend such as BCCA or Autocross events etc. I do not have time to mark each of them on a calendar for the norcal area.

Special Events we will plan:

1 - Overnight weekend trip

1 - TRACK DAY (This will be a RSVP) I have started talking to Thunder hill for a July or August day.

1 - Yosemite Run (This will be an Invite only. The invites are open to everyone that has been on a drive or meet before and who has spoken to me prior to the event)

1 - HW1 overnight north drive.

1 – 2 Tahoe relax day drives

2 – 3 BBQ’s at my place for all those who are interested. (we will play videos of past drives and watch pics on a 62 TV)

3-5 Meetings and drives

1 – Events list only drive (not sure on what but figuring it out)

Possible 4 day weekend trip to Vegas to meet Socal groups. I will need a SOCAL rep for the guys down there to help me on this one. (RSVP will be done as I will need a certain amount of people in for this so we can get great rates and service from the hotel. Anyone with hook ups for this would be appreciated.)

Please email me directly with ideas and Questions or to be on my events email list
[email protected]
916-989-9054 direct cell line
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