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NORCAL BAY/Sacto 3/26/05 BIG meet

****Bay Area (STANFORD MALL) Event details 3/26/05***** As usual this meet and drive is open to ALL CARS. The event has been posted on the following message boards. Feel free to post it other places.

**I need some drive leaders for this meet. If you are interested in helping me with the drive please email me at [email protected] or PM me**

The day’s events will go as follows. Meet and setup for a mini car show and have lunch. After lunch we will have a group chat and separate into the different groups for the drive. The drives are not a race or to see who has a better car. If you wish to showboat then take it to a track. I and those who volunteer to help me will not tolerate any showboating. If you do we will stop the drive and ask you to leave. Please respect others and others space while driving.

We will be meeting at Stanford Mall Again (I am currently looking for other venues but for the first large meet of the year we will start there) the start of the event will be at 11:00am and the drive will start at 1:00pm. We will have 2 drive routes. See Drive details below.

For those caravanning from Sacramento
We will meet at the CHEVERON off Industrial BLV. This is the exit on HW 80 just before you get onto the causeway heading to Davis. We will be on the leaving roughly at 9:00am. Please do not be late.

Drive details.
*EVERYONE who goes on the drive will bring a 2 WAY RADIO. NO RADIO no drive.
*We will be on channel 4.0 as group chat. (Do not talk to friends on this channel)
*If there is any sides of horse play or goofing off the drive will be canceled
*If an organizer asks you to back off, you will respect his(her) call or the drive will be canceled for that group. (Only takes 1 to ruined it for all)

Drive groups
1. *Spirited*. This is for those who wish to drive at a more spirited pace. Depending on the number of people it will be broken down into smaller groups based off number of drivers and skills of the drivers. I will meet with EVERYONE who plans on being in this group(s). If you have any issues bring it up with me at the meet. We will be going on a separate route than the group drivers.
2. *Group*. This is for those who want to drive as a group and go at a “Cruise” pace. This will have more than one leader spread throughout the group. This way if the group spreads out there will always be someone keeping a moderate pace that knows where they are going. This will be a club type drive. Get your cameras out and blaze away. Nothing more amazing than seeing a group of cars driving in a long formation.

These meets have grown from a humble 20 car beginning to 186 in our last meeting. I am sure we will continue to get bigger with every meet and I am relying on all of you to help make these events happen by helping me with the drives or by spreading the word. These large meets are for all cars and drivers of all ages. As we all know what happened at last year’s final event, I am trying to make sure we avoid such incidents and make sure they never happen again.

* I am currently working on track day. Once I get the final info on cost I will post the details for everyone.
* I am also working on an autocross style event and will post on that event as well to be held at an airfield or a large fair ground. Details to come)
*In the end of June or first part of July we will do a Toys for Tots drive again. We will start to make this an annual thing to have 2 drives a year. There are always families in need so let’s all help out when we can.

Help spread the word and monitor the boards as I have only so much time in a day. Thank you

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03/19/05 Group leader test runs.

This is for those who wish to be a group leader. We will meet at Stanford mall at 11:00am at the designated meeting area. We will leave at 11:30ish to do a test run of the proposed routes for the different groups.

If you wish to attend the “test” run you are welcome too. If you attend you must bring a 2 way radio.

Email questions to :

[email protected]

Event page:

Stanford Shopping Center / 4695
680 Stanford Shopping Center
Palo Alto, CA 94304

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Ok sorry for taking so long to post the event details.

Final car count was around 134 cars. There were 6 groups that went on the drive. Despite all of us getting lost, “talking” to the park rangers there were no issues this time.

However I do have bad new. Stanford mall will no longer hold the space for us as the merchants do not like the fact we are there. We can still meet there but we will no longer have security holding the space. ----So we now have to look for a new meeting area.---- If you have and idea were we can meet that has a large parking lot and facilities near by please let me know.

Schedule for drives and meets:

4/23/05 Invite meet only for Napa.
5/02/05 Drive to be determined
5/28 or 5/29 Meet and drive
6/16/05 Stanford Mall Toys for Tots Meet and Drive.

Here is ALL the pics form the boards I have found and the ones I took as well.

Thank you to all of you who came out and see you again soon

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