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No warm air on drivers side...

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Just been out for a spin in my car and noticed that the screen and footwell were blowing warm air on the passenger side but cold air on the drivers side. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas what the problem could be.

The heaters take a while to get going normally but once upto temp they are normally very warm. I don't think that the drivers side was receiving any warm air at all. The heaters definately worked a few months ago and I think they were OK last time I used the car - about 3 days ago.
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Are there separate blowers for each side? If so, I'd say one of them (drivers side) is out. Check the fuses before checking the blower.

If not, you have a blockage. Either something has gotten in there or the door controlling air flow to that side is stuck or the actuator (mechanical in this case) has broken free and isn't operating it.
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