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newbie here

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Love the site. Now down to business. I'm 16 yr old, and my dad said that he will buy me a 308 if i get at least a 1300 on my SATs. I've scored an 1100 on them before, so I'm going to take them again on December 4th, 2004. Anyone have any suggestions or can help me at all. thanks
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At 16 and you're being tempted with a Ferrari? I wouldn't do that to my son! Having money is one thing but spending it right is even more important.
4kids3fish said:
That's sure some motivation, but you might want to get it in writing!

Just kidding, but it did happen to me (on a MUCH smaller scale). In my last year at primary school (10 y.o.) I sat a scholarship test for an elite school, & was promised this REALLY cool bike if I won it. One of those great dragster things from the early 70's, called a Mongoose (you can see that I still carry the scars!!).

Anyway, I didn't think much of my chances & a few weeks later at our local fair there was an auction of stuff & my parents bought for me a bike. OK I thought, I could do with one of those even though it was pretty clapped out. I worked on it in the holidays & painted it tangerine (bright orange) & stuck lots of stuff all over it. It was OK.

But then I won the scholarship. But no new bike, as I already had one, see (no, actually I don't!). There were other compensations but as you can see, I STILL CARRY THE SCARS ! :green:

(so, get it in writing :wink: ..... and best of luck - you'll never forgive yourself if you don't give it your best shot!)
It's the same with me. When I was in my final year at uni, my dad promised me an Alfa Romeo when I pass. I did but the car never came. :(

It took me a long time since to get my first Ferrari all through my own effort and not a single cent from my dad (God rest his soul). I'm on my forth now and possibly going to my fifth next year. I have no ill feelings but I've learned something dear, never promise my children anything if I don't mean it.
ferrari355fi said:
I'm sorry for that horrible message above. Oh, and that castration thank god does not apply to me because my part of the deal is to study. And that adoption offer is still up.
:lol: :lol: :lol:
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