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newbie here

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Love the site. Now down to business. I'm 16 yr old, and my dad said that he will buy me a 308 if i get at least a 1300 on my SATs. I've scored an 1100 on them before, so I'm going to take them again on December 4th, 2004. Anyone have any suggestions or can help me at all. thanks
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Yes I do know that people here worked hard for there ferrari(s), and I am happy and envious. I do hope to one day be as successful as the people in here. I have dreams and goals too, and one is to some day get a ferrari. Since that opportunity has come about, I'm going to try anything to get it. . But you also have to remember that I am a teenager, and teens usually don't think of anyone besides themselves. I have been studying a loooot. I study about 6 hours a week. It isn't a waste of money too. It is a love and passion i have, and my father has noticed it. If i do get it, i would probably cry, and then i don't know what i would do, it would probably take about a week for me to get over the extreme happiness so that i could drive it. Thanks for the help.
Hahaha, i like the way you think. 6 hours is as much as i can do with my crazy schedule and studying for huuuge tests. Honestly, it makes my day when i see a ferrari drive by. The happiest teenager is an understatement.
It will be my "dads" car for insurance purposes.
Yeah, i got to a really competitive school too. And i wrote out a whole 3 page contract with my dad. Since my dad is a doctor, he has all of that paper work, and i took some of the ideas for there and used them against him. One clause of it is that the contract is void if i do not show that i have studied (because a 1300 without studying is luck). Another, and one of my personal favorites, if one does not follow through with deal, castration is an option and will but followed through....side note, DAMN 4 and possibly 5 ferraris, u wanna be my new father.
I'm sorry for that horrible message above. Oh, and that castration thank god does not apply to me because my part of the deal is to study. And that adoption offer is still up.
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