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newbie here

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Love the site. Now down to business. I'm 16 yr old, and my dad said that he will buy me a 308 if i get at least a 1300 on my SATs. I've scored an 1100 on them before, so I'm going to take them again on December 4th, 2004. Anyone have any suggestions or can help me at all. thanks
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lol, that's a great way to motivate a son to do well for his exams. :wink:

just remember to appreciate the car. While it may not be as new, fast or beautiful as a newer, more modern Ferrari, it is still and will always be a Ferrari. And that in itself is the beauty.
Dr. Bob said:
so study your ass off, and when you pass it, you will be one of the happiest teenagers in Amerca I think...
I know a few 18 yr olds who own multiple sports cars....and it frightens the hell outta me. One kid actually has 4 AMG Benzes and a 575 Maranello. In his first year in college!

Lol. Talk about saving the rod and spoiling the child...
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