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2004 CS
18,000 miles
Rosso Scuderia
No stripe
Fire Extinguisher
Red/black Alcantara interior

Did the 360trev tune (mild 91 octane tune since that's the only gas we have on Kauai, we were unsure of when sparks, etc were last done, and the timing was found to be 656/654 instead of the perfect 660/600. I will fix the timing when I do the timing belt change myself then revisit the tune), some minor repairs, and Tubi exhaust install minus the CS muffler at a buddy's shop. Runs wonderful I am told and it dynoed 357WHP and 261WFTLBS on a Dynojet, so with 18% drivetrain loss, about 435HP and 317FTLBS at the flywheel with a mile 91 octane tune.

As soon as it shows up, I am doing a full service myself (Plugs, Coils, MAFs, O2 sensors, Air filters, All fluids). I am also installing Morimoto tail lights and doing a full 430 Challenge hub/center wheel lock conversion. Then I'm all done! In a year I'll do the timing belt service and adjust the timing to be a perfect 660/660.

This moment has been 19 years in the making since I was a freshman in college and the CS first came out. Possessions are not everything, or even close, but damn I'm proud of accomplishing this in my 30s. I also have a very understanding wife. Haha. Thanks for accepting me to the forums!
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