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New to Ferrari

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Hello all,

I am new to the world of ferrari and was hoping someone could answer a few of my questions. There aren't any dealerships near me to inquire about the initial investment of a ferrari, the two models I am interested in are the 360 modena and the 575M what is the current price on the two models? If I purchase a ferrari what maintenance costs am I looking at? and break in procedure, what is the recommended mileage before you can start to open her up? Thanks in advance!

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The price of the 360 start around $160,000USD and up. The 575M I believe is around 220,000 to 250,000.

As far as maintenance costs goes. They are high if you go to the dealer of course. Generally speaking you should not need to have it maintained more than a usual car but when it does go to the shop parts can be expensive as well as labor. I have no idea what the warranty is on new purchases. If you browse the Tech forum and this forum you should find some post about cost people have paid and where they went.

Soneone else will have to help you with the break in. I'm guessing it is the usual 500-1000 miles.

Welcome to the forum. Please be sure to post back here when you finally purchase one.[/code]
if i had the cash i would jump all over a 575M. one of the sexiest cars ever. if you cant afford the maintenance then dont buy a 250,000 dollar car. if you have to ask then you cant afford it. in the world of high end toys you have to memorize those words.
The guy is just asking a freaking question. Why be so condesending?
Can YOU afford the maintinence?
I have had a 550 since last May. About 8,000 miles have been put on it. Other than an oil change and a loose ground on the oil gauge, I have had no problems. You will go thru a set of tires much faster than an ordinary car. Mine were new when I got it and are about half way done with their life.

Every 15,000 is a minor charge but every 30,000 miles is a MAJOR expense. (Minimum of $8,500)

Of course you must compare the 575 vs. any other car you may drive. Nothing compares.

Buy the V-12. You will never regret it.

:green: :lol: :D 8)
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