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new modena

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one of my friend asked me to hold because there will be an improved
version of modena late this year. according to him it will have 4.2l engine
with more than 500hp. if this is true I think I will wait. does anyone know anything about this?
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460? That is making the engine much bigger than it is now. Wow!

Adding that much will increase the weight. The frame must be beefed up. Boy, this is going to change alot of things out there. The performaNCE should truly be awsome.

Nuts, I have to wait over a year. The hype on this will be great. Most of us will put our 2 cents into it.

This is the first I have heard of it and of course will not be the last.

460? is this mean it will have 4.6 not 4.2? wow, that's a big jump.
hmmm...I think it will be quite possible that it will out perform it own big bother with the twelve. I'm darn happy to hear this news cause if the pinifarina team does a little better job than it did on current modena (no offence to modena owners) that means this 460 is going to be the 'macdaddy' toy of my dream. small body with 500+ hp....awesome.
I just left my Ferrari dealer. THey told me the 460 comming out next spring is the replace for the 456, not the 360.

Who knows!

I don't have any reliable information, but the 460 will be the replacement for the 456. For the Modena, it has come out in 1999 so maybe for 2004 there will be a new model. 420 ?

Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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