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Look what I found: on []

"Gossip has been circulating about a "low-cost" Ferrari since Maserati's ownership passed from Maranello to Alfa Romeo. The name on everyone's lip was Ferrari Dino.
Amedeo Felisa, Ferrari's deputy managing director, declared that a smaller and cheaper coupè was considered for a while, but the idea has been shelved."

It means that NO NEW DINO will be built =( This is sad....

And another news on this site:
"It's official: the new coupè from Maranello will be called Ferrari 599 GTB, and the photos seen in the weekend were the right ones. The engine is a V12 with a capacity of 5,999 cm3, derived from the Enzo's engine, with 620 hp at 7,600 rpm. The power to weight ratio is a staggering 2.6 kg/hp, for this "Gran Turismo Berlinetta". Yummy.

Nothing is said at the moment about performance. They should be quite a bit better than those of the 575M, which had "only" 515 hp. I'd be disappointed if the 599 GTB has a top speed of less than 340 km/h and if it accelerates from 0-100 km/h in more than 4 seconds."

This is real monster. Presented on Geneva MotorShow it was called the most powerful frond mounted engine sportcar ever built.
My comments: Admire our @$$ BMW M6, Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Corvette and manu many others who fought that they can beat Ferrari =)


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