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Red F430 has started rolling in my town few days ago.
The guy is a filthy capitalist, who replaced his F360 which he smashed more than a year ago. He rolled that thing on the roof, while it was only a year old.
Now he bought Ferrari again, more to shut people's mouths cause they were happy that he smashed his first Ferrari, rather than anything else.
I dont care about them or about him either. I was happy to see I have a Ferrari I can look at once in a while.

BTW I think he made a mistake buying the F430. The roads in my country are in pretty bad shape. The ultra sport suspension of the 430 is pretty hard, and the ride confort, thus the pleasure of driving it, is greatly reduced. IMO he should'v bought second hand 550 or 575 or the new 599. They have suspension. Also the F430 is for the track really, and we have no track to be found. The F430 probably doesnt have AC neither?

Do you guys know if there is waiting period for the purchase of F430 ?
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