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Bob348 said:

I just bought a really nice 348 tb
I hope to find a lot of info on this forum.

Welcome to the forum. You'll find lots of information and lots of good guys on the forum. Our photographer is from your neck of the woods. I'm sure he will answer this post. Let us know how you like your 348 tb.

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Hi Geoffry (what's with the Bob user name?) and welcome to the forum! There are some other 348's on here.

Two questions (OK, 3 with the one above),
First - where's the pictures? :green:
Second - would you like to have your car featured in the 2005 FerrariForum calendar?

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Hey Geoffrey - nice to see another 348 owner here!!!

I'm afraid I'm with Pete though - shameless though it may be - let's have a look at some pics!!

Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy mine - or at least I will when it stops raining!!!

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First day of ownership and you're on the computer why? :nuts: :ugh:

That's okay, you can only drive for so long right? 8)

I'm waiting for pictures, kapeesh? :eek:ha:

Oh, and welcome aboard the forum. :D


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thx to all guys :)

For the moment, my 348 is not in my garage, so i can't do any pictures...
I'm changing the windscreen, i want my 348 perfect !

I'll receive my car this Monday...
And i'm waiting for licence plate (the 19 january)

so, i'll post some pictures as soon as possible (next week)

ah yes, I'm from Liege.

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replacing the windshield?
was it cracked? what else is needing some fixer uppers?

I assume you are using Garage Francorchamps?, or are you at a non official garage?
cuz i don't know where else you can take a Ferrari in the Wallonian side

Liege, hmm, that's pretty close to Spa :wink: :green:

BTW i'm from around antwerp
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