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New 2 + 2 Ferrari

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What do you think about this new beauty (sorry...already exposed my opinion :) )

ciao, Waldo

(tnx wax..for my 'little' mistake... :oops: I changed it...)


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New 4 + 4 Ferrari

2 + 2, actually, but still... you're as excited as one should be.

It looks like a warped 12-cyl. 166 Touring Coupe after 50+ years of tweaking. Guess we'll find out in January whether there's a trunk or not.

One thing is for certain, there's a few more added to my Ferrari desktop backgrounds collection.

already have them since yesterday evening when they where released in high res.
the drawings look pretty sweet, now we just have to wait a few months till it's presented.
it would be SO cool if they presented during the Brussels Auto Salon :green:
Very commendable work by the designers - what more can I say? A practical car and a very rapid one seems to be a perfect combination. A V12 under the hood, I hope.

I like it, but it does look like something you'd see out of Cadillac's design shop.
That is a nice car. I thought right back to the Testa Rossa.
Can anybody post Testa Rossa pics so we can compare them.
Well heres my 3d model of the ferrari testarossa from a side view, should help

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Althought it is a beautiful piece of DIY (wish I could do that!!) I think Rory meant the Pininfarina Rossa!!


PS: Simon, can you make me one in 1:1??? :wink: Seriously, what did it cost you to build it roughly???
and here it is...the Pininfarina Rossa

(photo ripped of


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been making my very own blueprints for this car

work in progress, soon as i get them done i'll use them to model it accuratly to the concept :)

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Looks already great!! :) Didn't expect any less from you :D...when can we see the car in 3D *LOL*
I'm not sure I understand all the rave and excitement in this thread. This is just a concept at best. To me it looks like a sketch that will probably never see production. Perhaps I've missed some news recently, it looks cool but with just sketches it is too hard to tell what the production would look like.
Well I do think you've missed something. These are official Ferrari pictures of the new car they will present at the Detroit Motor Show on January 2004. Ferrari says, on their website, that it will be the new 2+2 I don't think it's just a concept or a prototype!
It's the real thing :)
Waldo, Niels

these are the official pics from Ferrari wich they provided on the Ferrari Media Site.
this just gives a general idea on how the car will look like.
do you guys remember seeing the sketches for the 550 Maranello??
those looked very different also, i even have about 5 different sketches of the 550 and all had some similarities, but still very different over the car that was presented.
We will have a better idea in about 4 months
seen at the new 2+2 in color (on a cover of a magazine)...


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ForzaRossa said:
seen at the new 2+2 in color (on a cover of a magazine)...
Further to that end, here's some snaps hidden in the Models section under *Future*:

460 Bologna corresponds with the cover story you referenced. Thick-bodied, to say the least. Perhaps a leading factor
(aside from the cooling aspect)
for the readily apparent carve along the side of the sketches which you also admirably brought to our attention.

Good find, ForzaSpyRossa!
I think ferrari should bring out a mid engined 3 litre V8 2+2 Bertone styled "affordable" car with 4 webbers.
Sounds familiar?
Anyone for a Dino 308 GT8?
Just think, a 30th anniversary special!
Yellow would be the best colour... hey Dj!
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