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Never starts on the first go!!

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Just a quick sense check with any other 355 owners out there.

Mine never starts on the first go.

When it's hot, it takes three tries – like clockwork - before it fires up

Is this normal? I know starter motors are a bit of a weak spot for 355s, so is this the sign of it on the way out?

Possibly it might be all the fuel has been evapourated by the extreme heat in the engine, so it takes a while for more juice to be pumped in for ignitiion.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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The first musclecar I bought with my own money(@17y/o, '73 Olds) would, when driven for any long period of time at high speeds(as in travelling) would not start immediately when first turned off, it would need to cool down for 5-10 minutes, it was the battery, it did not have enough cold cranking amps.
Make sure your battery is up to par, then as above post, go over everything you would in a tune up.
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