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Can anyone tell me how to fix the wire for an engine hood release for a F355. I wanted to take out the complete handbrake cover to have it re-leathered and I couldn't get it out becuase of the hood release lever. Then I took out the little bolt that holds the wire that goes all the way back to the engine release then I actually broke the whole lever!!!!

So now I have found out that you were never supposed to do that but disconnect the wire from the engine bay and pull through thereby the interior engine release lever could be removed.

My question is how do I get the old wire out and replace with the new wire??

Can I connectthe new wire to the old wire and pull through??

Any help would be appreciated as I can now only oopen the engine hood via emergency release!!

P.S. Don't you hate it when you stuff up a Ferrari part due to your stupidity only to then find out how much the part costs to replace!!!
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