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last weekend it was the 6th round of the FIA-GT on Donington
the entire race was very exiting to watch with lot's of passes and some great racing
the Vitaphone Saleen started in the back and wresteled it's way all thru the front to take the lead from Karl Wendlingers JMB Racing 575 GTC in the closing laps of the race. only to take the lead back again in the last corner of the last lap after the Uwe Alzen came into contact with one of the N-GT Porsche's 3 turns before the finish where the Saleen's rear-left suspension broke and left the car strumbling towards the finish line only arriving second and stranding 10 meters behind it.
now the bigger drama unfolded afterwards.
Wendlinger who was so happy with his first win parked his car in front of his pitbox and when celebrating with the team already and forgot to bring the car to the parce fermé, so eventually one of the mechanics had to bring it over wich means a 5 min. penalty for the team because one of the mechanics touched the car after the race before beeing inspected.
wich led to that the 575 GTC lost its win and dropped to 6th place
and Alzen eventually ended up winning the race afterall
2nd & 5th place was also taken by 575 GTC's and 3th, 4th & 7th place by 550 GTC's so afterall not a bad result, but just not good enough
this could have been the 575 GTC's 2nd victory after it's outright win on it's first outing last season
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