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I totally forgot about it too. Just now my 3rd Mate was like "So you gonna watch the race?" I was like "Huh? What race?" He says, "The European Grand Prix, it over now but we could watch the replay tonight."

DOH!!! That was my chance to gain a few points on Dirk!!!! Arrgh!!

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Amazing. Schumi just stormed away from the field in the opening stint. Opened up something like an 18 second lead over 2nd place in something like 7 laps. He was though aided by Kimi being in second place in the disappointingly slow McLaren. He held up everyone else behind him and pretty much sealed the race win for us.

On the first lap, Montoya took out his temmate...not the first time it's happened. The German media is up in arms about it, claiming who's going to save the Schumachers from

Sato was making a charge for 2nd place, which he would've gotten if he were to have waited another lap or a few more corners to overtake Rubens. But he was overambitious and tried to overtake him in the first corner and he lost his front wing. He pitted and got a new wing, but on the next lap or so he blew up. He could have had a fantastic race but he was just over-ambitious. We'll never know what he could have gotten...

Overall, a good race. A nice 1-2 dedicated to Umberto Anginelli who sadly passed a couple of days ago from a battle with cancer.

But also, now Montezemolo is moving up to FIAT boss, while JT is to take over as Ferrari-Maserati head and it looks like Ross will take over Todt's role. What a mix
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