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My woman drove home tonight.

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Why did I allow my woman to drive home tonight? Simple. I was drunk. She did OK but shifted at 2500 rpm. Rats.

I tried to tell her that the MB, which was passing her, should not be allowed to pass her at only 70 mph. Finally, she woke up and passed the MB. Going 50 mph in 6th gear is not my idea of driving my car correctly. Some of you may have a woman; therefore, you understand that nothing I say matters to her as to her ability to drive. Yipes!!!

Women should be obscene and not heard.

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u should see a ferrari being overtaken by a scooter!


now that was miserable! most embarassing day of my life :D
lol dirk. i'll spill the beans.

About a couple of months ago, I went up one of speedbumps around my neighbourhood a little to quickly, and scraped my underbody/diffuser. I thought nothing of it and just kept on driving. Went to the my fave highway to stretch the car, and all was fine and dandy. Until i hit 220km/h

Now that's when something went wrong. I heard this really loud flapping sound coming from the rear of the car. I naturally thought that it was a flat so I stopped by the roadside to inspect the car. Everything was fine. Thought nothing of it and drove again. No noise. Suddenly when i drove about 40km/h the flapping noise came back again. 50 it go louder and 60 was unbearable. I knew that it was my undercarriage and that a piece of it must've been torn in the speed bump vs Ferrari incident.

So lo and behold, due to the severity of the situation, i had to CRAWL my way back home, which wouldn't have been so bad had i been on the way home. But i wasn't. I JUST came out of the toll and i had to go 40 kms or so until the first U-turn was available to me. So I had to crawl 40 kms at 40km/h and was overtaken by every single vehicle on the road.

Scooters, Vespas, Lorries, name it.

Lol. It was horrible. Depressing to say the least. I never saw the highway at that speed ever in my life. I almost fell asleep.

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Dj Dirk said:
wow, that must be pretty scary doing 40km/h on the freeway
As opposed to what, doing 300 km/h? :nuts:

:green: :green: :green:
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