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I have had the beast for 5 or 6 years. I do know that the 575 was not out when I purchase the thing. Most of the owners of the great thing have a passion the car. Me, I drove the Southern California freeways for many years as an outside salesman. All I wanted was the best car on the freeway, bar none. Well, I got it.

The big one, the Lambo {never races}, has taking the title from Ferrari.

So many times a Porsche, Mercedes Benz, or even a stupid BMW has tried to say Good By to me. That is so wrong. A piece of German junk attempts to pass the Italian stallion.

Darn, driving the Maranello tells me why I enjoy driving on the freeways.

Come, let us play on the street but one cannot harm the innocent drivers.


Mercedes Benz for breakfast, BWM for lunch, and Porsches for diner. For dessert I think I should eat a few Corvettes.

Darn, driving a 550 is so much fun. May the teenagers here plan their future for a thing as mine.

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