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for those who are political correct, an avartar, is a great looking at the creature. Many people do not see it as to what it is, the side view of the sweet thing at rest. Most people see this car either from the front before I pass it or the rear end, moving away.

When one really looks at the side, one then see one reason the 550 is so nice. I am so fortunate to have the ability to use this car of an artist. I now realize why Ferrari does so well in the Formula One races.

Work hard. Someday, someone might ask you why you are not getting one of these things. I could not tell him why I could not. I drive a 550.

Nuts, next week I must drive to Bakersfield and then to San Bernardino. After that, I go to Ontario. This is within 24 hours. Great seat time and all for business.

The next day I drive to cow town (Vacaville). My wife tells me I may drive it if only if the air conditioning system is working. Yipes.

Larry, you best not fail me this time. This is only the fourth time you have fixed it. I get no more changes, as you do.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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