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My Perfect Ferrari...

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Attached are a few pix of my dad's Ferrari 512 Testarossa which I drive on the weekends. This is my vision of the perfect Ferrari, I wouldn't want to change it for any other car in the world. People go nuts when we cruise past in it. Cameras, shouting, thumbs up are a common sight for every trip, its a real headturner. No pun intended, but last week a 360 spider pulled up at some traffic lights in Kensington, London next to a large group of tourists, whereupon they began nudging each other and pointed at it. Then my friend and I came up behind it in the 512 and all of them turned their heads, began wowing and started to huddle around my Ferrari, taking photos. It was pretty embarassing.
If I wanted to improve on this car, I would just tweak it to improve the performance. I'm already planning on an exhaust and ECU upgrade. I've also spoke to Koenig and have been told they could customise my car internally to make it do 230mph. Only problem is I am looking at a £50,000 bill.[/url]
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MY 512tr[/list]


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More pics...


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Great story but I don't think the 360 owners would like it. Beautiful car!
that is one gorgeous looking car. The interiour looks perfect. What did you do with it? Have a good time here.
Dan - where in the UK are you? I'm sure I've seen that car in London - the registration looks familiar, and you don't see many 512's about.
the interiour is Clean like new. sweet Redhead :eek:
welcome to the Forum Dan, and great looking TR

if you do some mods, don't go overboard with it, so best is to stay away from Koenig, those guys are nuts and usually tend to ruin the bodywork with their mods
Again, as the others have said, beautiful car. I love the 512TR. The best looking of the Testarossa bodystyle.
So far Ive changed the gear knob to aluminium. Next to come are aluminium pedals followed by a custom built stainless steel exhaust with 3" end pipes. Finally I want to ECU remap it then lower the suspension.

You are in luck. Our sponsor Powerchip can do the remap of your ECU chip. I think I mentioned it before on the site so maybe it was your car? It is very easy to do. You just send them the chip, they do their thing and send it back. Installation is very easy. Good luck on all the upgrades, I'm looking forward to hearing how it all works out.

Have you dynoed the car yet? Good to do now and then after all the upgrades.


Welcome to the forum and congratulations on a beautiful car.

The weekend (July 3/4th) are rounds 10 & 11 of the 2004 Pirelli Maranello Ferrari Challenge race at Brands Hatch. If you are thinking of taking the TR for a run you could do a lot worse than head South to Brands. I will be at the circuit both days and if you decide to take a run I would be more than happy to say hello over a coffee.

What do u mean by Dynoed? What does it involve?
I forgot to mention an incident that occurred a few months back. My parents were sitting in Cafe Oreal (512tr parked out front) in Kensington or Chelsea, London I believe when a silver Ferrari 550 Maranello went past with the private plate - DJK or something cruised past the 512. The driver stopped his 550, reversed and got out to have a closer look at it. It turned out to be the lead singer of Jamiroqui (Jay Kay) and he began ringing his friends mentioning my dads Ferrari and taking photos on his camera phone.
Dan Osib said:

What do u mean by Dynoed? What does it involve?
It is a really big wheel in the ground. You put your tire on it, slam the gas and get a cool graph giving you a HP read out of the car. If you do it now and then again after, you can see the results the extra exhaust ECU etc added.


I'll try to find one in the UK for you.
If you need help let me know. There are a few MR2 guys in jolly-old-England who've dynoed their cars. I can look them up and get the locations.
Nice car and it does catch my eye. Don't know about getting that much more speed on it. It should be fine the way it is.
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