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my new website with Profiles and Specs in PDF

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Hi all,

I have started my own website/blog essentially putting together a free book-catalogue of my favourite cars, of which there are obviously a lot of Ferrari.

The site is non-commercial and the PDFs are free for download - hope you like them - feedback is sort.

so far I have done - 612 - 16M - Scuderia - 599 HGTE - California - 575 GTZ and the 458

Cheers Rod
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Nice site Rod.
Best of luck with it. :thumbsup:
Cool site! You planning on doing some of the older models as well? :thumbsup:
Thanks a lot Barry and IPF and yes ... I want to do lots of older models - I have been a huge Ferrari fan for long enough time for me to have a complete collection of Cavallino. I am intending to do a couple of Ferrari every week and mix in other marques for the rest. I should be able to do somewhere between 300 and 330 a year (all up) - so it should develop into a huge library in a couple of years.

Cheers and thanks again - Rod
Well done!
please add the 360 when you have it!
I have just added the 550 Maranello profile in pdf

and Lefteris - the 360 is coming soonish

cheers - Rod
Great site but needs a 348 to be awesome!:grin:

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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