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My Italian toys...

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98 Ferrari 355 F1 Rosso Corsa
02 MV Agusta F4


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Beautiful toys! The bike is a good match for the car.

Whereabouts in South Korea are you? I spent a fair amount of time in Koje and Ulsan. (Working with Samsung Heavy Industries and Hyundai Heavy Industries)

hello Pete, glad to hear that you've been to Korea before. we have many us soldiers here but none seems to drive ferrari...but they drive M1 tanks.
I stay in Seoul area a bit south of the Han river. But I spend a lot of time in Boston as well going school. I remember going up to the Maine for a spring break to my friend's house and of course...for the lobster! Maine is so beautiful and peaceful and so lobsterful, Maine is awesome. Pete, I bet even your lungs are clean too cause the air there is so fresh and clean.
I am glad you enjoyed your time in Maine. I think it is a beautiful place also but it is special for me also because it is home.

I also enjoyed the time I spent in Korea. Off and on, the total time I spent there was about 12 months, I have flown in and out of the Seoul airport many times. Samsung and Hyundai were building ships for the company I work for and I was over there as an adviser. Samsung really turned out a great product but I was not very impressed with the Hyundai ship. (Also I liked the Koje-Do area better than Ulsan) Still, I made a lot of great friends and hope to return one day.
nice MV agusta. dont get to see to many of those. i see alot of ducati's and aprillia's around. but never a MV on the street. only in showrooms and shows. matches the car perfectly.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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