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Two weeks ago, I was at my friend’s surprise 60th birthday party given by his parents. This past Sunday I was asked to speak about my youngest brother on his 70th birthday. My two cousins in their 80s were worried about me at the party. I smoke and have too much girth. Yipes.

First, one must have air, then water, and finally food. After that, it is fun. I sleep anywhere.

My car is what each of us should have if you drive on the Southern California Freeways. A 550 makes perfect sense on the I-5 driving in the Southland. Of course, leaving is also on the I-5 going to the state’s capital. OK, OK, the I-15 takes me to Las Vegas and I-10 goes to Jacksonville.

The 550 is the ultimate freeway flyer. Those things from Japan are so much fun to play with. Most slow down after 125 or so. Some even hit 150 mph. That is good for the little boys and big girls. The big things go into the 200 mph plus range. That is where ones balls are important.

Hello to the limited top end new cars from the Germany. Maybe if you grow up you will go the limit of your engineering. Nay, my ancestor’s children cannot do it. We know how fast you are permitted to go.

Those crazy Italians just keep pushing the break point. I drive a 550. Bonzi!!!

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