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Very nice!

And it saves you from all the "experts" that say you have a 512 exhaust (it is not, it doesn't even fit). I had 17977 at a garage once for work on the engine and the owner claimed it had "many unoriginal 512 features". Needless to say it didn't stay there for long, he clearly did not know his Boxers. I hope you kept the ANSA exhaust, it is period (I'm fairly sure 1975 or 1976) and very rare.

When I think how badly the car ran then (2009), it makes me weep. You would not want to see that Paul, it was undriveable. What these idiots did to that lovely car to crack 6 cylinder linings, 1500 miles after a full engine rebuild and 500 miles after major engine work in 2007. My theory is that the full engine rebuild (1998) was done incorrectly and it cracked the linings as soon as the car was driven - we do know that she was in repairs again right after the rebuild), and in the 20 years after that it was never repaired. The owner before me did everything on a budget. Carrs found a lot of incorrect things on the engine, pins of the wrong size etc..

But thankfully she is her old self again now, including the repaint and exhaust. :)

Ive still got the exhaust, although not sure of what is best to do with it yet. will advertise it i think.

And yes before the rebuild (the proper one you had done ) the engine didn't have the correct tlc for sure. But like many cars, even though the beauty of them hasn't changed, the values have. I remember the car coming into sale at Bonhams (when I worked there) and been unsold in a 2005 sale at £30,000.

Well she's running superb, looking amazing and off this week for her annual service and MOT ready for some summer driving.

hope to see you soon

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