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My 355 journey

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Well as some of you know i am still enjoying my long awaited 355 spyder purchase. I drive this car every day (with the exception of rain) and just love it. Anyone that says a 355 does not make a good daily driver is nutz. The only reason somone would say that is to justify leaving it in the garage becasue they do not want to pay to maintain it. The car is easy to drive at all speeds, the steering is light, the air conditioning works great, and so on. This car loves to be driven. The more the better! The harder the better! The faster the better! But let it sit for a week or two and it just does not run as good. The only big gripe i have had with the car is the power top. It is the most over-engineered peice of sh** ever to come out of Italy! The good new is that i have masterd the art of tuning the top so it works well. The best news is the fact that i live in california and since i do not drive it in the rain i never put the top up so i do not have to deal with it. I have even masterd the art of washing my car with the top down. I had Sal Garcia put on tubi's race version exhasut (the loudest version), high flow airfilters, and test pipes (to eliminate the cats) and what a difference in the performance. The sound is just pure magic! The car is so loud and it sounds just like Shumacher coming down the road, especialy at wide open throttle! My wife can hear me coming home up our windy road almost 4 miles away! I love it! Everywhere i drive it is big smiles, jaws dropped, and thumbs up by spectators! I can't go to the grocery store without a 5 minuet conversation with a car enthusiest in the parking lot. I have had it up to 160 3 different times on the freeway and it just loves to run at those speeds. I pretty much drive it like i stole it everywhere i go (traffice permiting). I am convinced that i am the perfect test subject for ferraris R&D dept because i actually use my car everyday and i use it hard! I have been pulled over 5 times in the last 6 months and only recieved one ticket for no front plate. The police just want to look at it, and then they tell me to slow down and let me go. The thing i find interesting is it does not matter where i go or who sees the car they know what it is. The demographic does not matter. Young, old, women, men, children, etc.. My car must be in the photo log of half the cell phones in my town. Everywhere i go someone takes a quick shot of it. I have driven it for almost 1500 miles so far and nothing has broken and the car is increadibly comfortable (i am 6' 230 lbs and i fit great) even on long drives. It is also amazing how reliable it is. Absolutely no problems mechanically. So I will keep you guys up to date as to my jouney with this car but as to this point i can easily make this statement. EVERYONE NEEDS TO OWN A FERRARI ONCE IN THEIR LIFETIME, AND IF YOU ARE BLESSED ENOUGH TO OWN ONE, DRIVE IT DAMN IT! AND IF YOU DO NOT DRIVE IT ON A REGULAR BASIS SELL IT, THE CAR DESERVES BETTER!!!!!!!!! :D
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Glad to see you are enjoying it so much! I remember seeing your car at Sal's and Seldon said a lot of work was needed. Glad they got it in order with a Tubi as well!

Did you ever get the 360 CS that you were in the market for?
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