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Mr. Schumacher and his Ferrari

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My wife’s mechanic moved to my country a couple of years ago from Switzerland. He told me he often saw Mr. Schumacher drive his 550. I was just wondering if any one here knows if he personally drives a paddle or a stick?

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The 550 has no paddleshifter, that's the 575. :wink:
I live 15min from his house (in Vufflens-le-Chateau not his new house in Gland) but I have never sees his 550. There are rather rare overhere.

I was on vacation once in Norway, on the same mountain where he has his vacation-home. But it was on the other side of the mountain, and I never heard a 550 pass.
Titanium 575 F1

Local dealer told me that's what he drives this year. He also got a bright blue Alfa-Romeo 156 GTA but I bet he does not put that many miles on it ...
Schumi's 575M to sell...

Schumi's 575M is to sell...
:p look at this:


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I live 15min from his house (in Vufflens-le-Chateau
Crikey!!! Do you or have you seen him about?

Im planning on going to Lugano next year which is on the Italian border is that anywhere near there?
I know people who have seen him shopping for groceries in Morges, filling up at a gas station, or play soccer with the local team. The guy is just trying to have a normal life, and the beauty of living here is that people tend to leave celebrities alone and don't bother them.

Lugano is not quite nearby, 380km/3.5 hours drive, a complete waste of time if your only motivation is to spot Schumi around.
Thats crazy, its great that he joins in with the local football team.

no not going to spot him, just when i go to the states i would fancy a trip back here to europe and like the look of Lugano.
michael also drives a Fiat Multipla (old style)!!!! in his autobiography he often drives this and apparantly the 550 is his main car. I wish my company car was a 550! :lol:
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