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Since i kinda started talking about movies with barry
I was wondering who knowes some good movie with cars preverably with Ferrari's in them.

here are some from the top of my head
Ferris Beuller's Day of: 250 GT Spyder California
Gone in 60 seconds: 275, 355, 550,...
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I remember another one it was with Robert Deniro he is blind and driving a Mondial and his passenger was tellinghim to turn left or right.
Perhaps that's scent of a woman???

In the rock the crash with 355 isn't real (at least I hope :wink: ), the car just folds to easely.

A couple of other car movies but not with Ferrari's
Taxi 1 & 2: a really cool modified Peogeot 406, mercedesses, Lancer Evo's and a lot of crashes :D
you're right driven sucked

Damned, do you know how hard it is to remember movies with Ferrari's in them??

BTW did you liked the movie clip i sended you andrew?? :wink:
I know, when i found it, i was just blown away by it, I sended it to Tom and he practically freaked out :lol:
don't worry james i mentioned the movie in the beginning.
the first time that i saw that movie i practically freaked out at the end.
I'm pretty sure that they used a replica, no way that they have used a real one
never heard of it??
should try and find
how about Le Mans with Steve McQueen :green:
that black "daytona" from miami vice was very big FAKE
yep beverly hills cop was a 308
i think
haven't seen it in years

i remember another one,
movie is called Go
had a 355 spider in it
only saw the trailer of that movie
but that was a fake
Dr. Bob said:
That should be a 275 GTB. I heard about it, never saw it. Is it available in digital form? :lol:
yep a 275

i have it on my pc

another one
with Greg Kinear and Harrison Ford
a red 348 Spider
TTony said:
Didn't "To Live and Die in LA" have a black 308 in it?
never heard of that movie
what's it about and who's in it?

BTW welcome :wink:
1 - 13 of 63 Posts
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