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Most Ferrari For the Money

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Which Ferrari gives you the most car for the money ? :eek: I guess a case could be made for every model from the 400i, 308 GTB/4, to the F40. I am very interested to see what everyone thinks.
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I think the 308 series is the best which is why you are now seeing the value of these cars increase (at least from what I've seen over the last 6 months). The F355 could become this bang for buck Ferrari in the near future as prices continue to fall (which they aren't but will I imagine).
I hope we can get more ads here on the site. Then I can make market reports and stats based on the data. Here is one such F355 for a fairly good price:

Give it 5 more years and prehaps it will go for $60k (today's market value with inflation figured in).
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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