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Monza appears to favor Michelin.............again. However, there may be a cloud on Michelin's horizon. There is talk by the FIA that the Michelins are illegal. It has to do with the tire patch size after the tire is run. It seems Michelin is taking advantage of a less than clear rule concerning tire wear. This same concern was raised at Monaco.

If Michelin has to redo their tire specs prior to Monza, the race is wide open. Most competitors agree that Ferrari has the best chassis and only the tire situation has prevented another Ferrari parade.

If Michelin is found to be within the tire guidelines, Ferrari will be looking to finish in the top five. The Williams is too good right now on the Michelins, and Renault has found their horsepower. The McLaren is not as good as the Williams, but Raikonnen is very fast, and will be a factor if he qualifies well.

I fear that Ferrari will struggle with grip at Monza, but Indy and Suzuka are better suited to the Bridgestones. If nothing else, this is an exciting ending to a very good F-1 season.

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