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Two Mondial related questions:
1) In Taylor and Campbell's Mondial Buyer's Guide, they mention that 3.2s need metric tires. I was under the impression that only 8s and QVs used metric tires. In Forza magazine's Mondial Buyer's Guide, they only mention the latter two needing metric and not the 3.2s. What's the real story?

2) I have always assumed that Mondial coupes were never officially sold in the U.S., but I never see that mentioned in any of the literature. Did I subconsciously make that up?

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stevez, In answer to your questions:

1. The Mondial 8's, QV's and certainly most 3.2's were fitted with metric tires at the factory (some of the late 3.2's might have been fitted with the t wheels). Per the owners manuals the tires are:

Mondial 8 & QV - Front/Rear Michelin TRX 240/55 VR 390
Mondial 3.2 - Front Michelin TRX 220/55 VR 390, Rear TRX 240/55 VR 390

2. Mondial coupes were officially sold by Ferrari in the US. US sales started in 1981.
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