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Mondial T shifting problems

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I just acquired a 1989 Mondial T, but the shifting is not smooth at all. It requires a great deal of effort to shift in and out of gear. One Ferrari place said that the gears can start to rust if the car sits for a long period of time, and eventually the gears will get smooth again. I was wondering if anyone else has ever run into this problem, or if anyone knows about any Mondial T specific problem with the shifting. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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Sound like a possible linkage misalignment.

It is fairly easy to do if you can get the car up in the air

The trick to adjusting the clevis ends (gearbox end) on the cables is to make sure you are in neutral, take off the two M6 Bolts that go through the 2 clevises and the linkage of the translator assembly. Check inside the car that the shift lever is perfectly in the middle of the central gate (2nd & 3rd) and in the middle of the two forks either side (up and down). Get right underneath the linkage under the car so that you can look directly up and see the holes of the linkage and the holes of each clevis on the ends of the cables. They should be perfectly in line with the holes in the linkage. If they are not you need to adjust the clevis that is out so that the holes are perfectly aligned. Purely for caution you can count the amount of turns that you do on either clevis so it can be put back if all goes wrong!

Hope this helps

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did you sort your gear shift problem out my mondial t has developed the same problem and not sure where to start
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