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Mondial blueprints?

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I'm looking for blueprints of the Mondial, I need none perspectived drawings/blueprints of the front, rear, top and side. I really hope somebody can help me out. It's for a 3D model.

Here's my current 328 I'm working on:


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cool I do 3d aswell, it looks modeled n 3d studio max but i could be wrong :p

It looks to be a high poly model but not sub divisional which means you can't get as smooth curves as you'd like without manually adding the polygons.

I hope this don't turn into a 3d forum hehe
Well, I'm only a beginner (3rd project). It was meant for a game but it turns out too high poly now.
Hi im also a CG Character Animator, the best place for blueprint of planes cars and boats is this guy make some amazing models, I use 3DS Max R6 and using poly modeling (sub d) you can still get perfect curves if you work at it, but if your going for a 100% perfect measurments you need to use nurbs which in 3DS Max suck... you need a program like Rhino 3D to get the best results.

Hope that helped is my site needs a lot of updating has some of my later work like th cg talk section and modeling char

ps i cant see your pic
I agree about rhino being better than max at nurbs.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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