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mondial 8 poor starting when warm fine when cold

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mondial 8 1981,starts spot on when cold but when driven for 20 mins or so then left for 10-20mins it will take 40-60seconds to start,coughs and spluters for few seconds then bursts into life and is then fine ,changed fuel pump,fuel accumulator,injectors,plugs,had fuel pressure test and fuel does drop off ,been told could be the check valve ?can not find this ,any one no where it is on the mondial 8? or anything else it can be,no one seems to no nothing please help someone must know :cry:
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mondial 8 poor starting when warm

after head under bonnet for many hours ive descoverd that if i remove the airfiter and press the plunger underneaf whilst turning the key it starts,so it must be the injection unit ,after stripping this unit i discoverd that the neddle near the pipes is sticking >not sure if this is normal? ,has anyone had this unit rebuilt or can i get spaires for this unit or do i have to suffer a new unit ?any advice would be SO helpull thanks wayne abaco wheels and tyres.
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