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Missed a Shift

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Driving my brother-in-law from Australia back from dinner in Newport Beach, I missed a shift. After getting off the Newport Freeway at 17th Street, I made a good top end shift from 1st to 2nd. Second to third was great. Opps. I went from 3rd to no where. Rats. He just laughs. I was trying to show him how great I was in my toy. Crap. Missing a shift is bad enough when no one is in the car but me. Nuts. My brother-in-law was with me.

Darn. All he is doing is telling me about missing that gear. Darn. He is going back to Melbourne Tuesday and will tell all about this. Super Rats. On March 7, 2004 at the Australian Grand Prix, I will be hearing about this. Yipes!




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Bart, your brother-in-law is really laughing at this whole fancy "gear-changing" thing!

Here in this wide brown (=dirt) land we have no need for such ridiculous mannerisms, and most cars sold have been welded into top gear. Whenever I pop-out on a little 10 day non-stop jaunt across the country to say get some bread & milk or post a letter, I just bump-start the F40 with the tractor & slip the clutch a little (not too much) and then we're away - no need for silly gear changin'. It is usual to tie the steering wheel with a bit of rope once out the paddock gate and wedge a six-pack onto the accelerator (gas-pedal??), as that way a bit of sleep can be had along the way without losing time. The roads are straight enough

I got the dealer to saw-off the gear lever from the '40 as it is the perfect shape for clobbering 'roos on the head with when out with the boy's doing some kangaroo shootin after a few too many beers. The Ferrari is great for this, as it has great vision & the open top lets all the lads blaze-away in all directions! You can even fit a smallish croc in there too (I know - I've done it. Dead of course).Ah... the country life, nature and all that.

Hey Baz - look us up next time you're here & you can come along!
:wink: :wink: :wink:
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Bazil said:
Question is - do you take your driving test in an auto or a manual? If you take it in an auto, do you need to take an extra test, in order to drive a manual?
Down here in Penal Colonies 'R' Us :evil: , you may do the initial test in an auto or manual. After 12 months you progress to a higher stage provisional licence, but if you have tested in an auto you can't drive a manual during these first 12 months unless you sit another drive-test.

After 12 months "on-the-road" the restriction is lifted.

On a similar topic, does any country/state limit the SIZE or POWER of an engine/car for new drivers? Here in Aussie bike riders are limited to 250cc initally but not car drivers.
Bart said:
I wish I was a European so I would know how to drive and go fast. I only put on between 25,000 to 40,000 miles a year on Southern California freeways. Hopefully I can learn to drive in another 5 years and go over there and drive.
So far so good! Have you tried many corners yet? Better not attempt them in one of your "local" cars - strictly Euro models only, I'm afraid! :lol:
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