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Missed a Shift

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Driving my brother-in-law from Australia back from dinner in Newport Beach, I missed a shift. After getting off the Newport Freeway at 17th Street, I made a good top end shift from 1st to 2nd. Second to third was great. Opps. I went from 3rd to no where. Rats. He just laughs. I was trying to show him how great I was in my toy. Crap. Missing a shift is bad enough when no one is in the car but me. Nuts. My brother-in-law was with me.

Darn. All he is doing is telling me about missing that gear. Darn. He is going back to Melbourne Tuesday and will tell all about this. Super Rats. On March 7, 2004 at the Australian Grand Prix, I will be hearing about this. Yipes!




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He can laugh all he wants, but it's you who have the Ferrari. He sure hates you. :p
Bart, enrol yourself in a Ferrari Pilota Course or any of the advance driving course near your area. You'll be surprised how quick your driving will improve.
Interesting stretch. makes it worth the while to get up early!!
1 - 3 of 35 Posts
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