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Missed a Shift

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Driving my brother-in-law from Australia back from dinner in Newport Beach, I missed a shift. After getting off the Newport Freeway at 17th Street, I made a good top end shift from 1st to 2nd. Second to third was great. Opps. I went from 3rd to no where. Rats. He just laughs. I was trying to show him how great I was in my toy. Crap. Missing a shift is bad enough when no one is in the car but me. Nuts. My brother-in-law was with me.

Darn. All he is doing is telling me about missing that gear. Darn. He is going back to Melbourne Tuesday and will tell all about this. Super Rats. On March 7, 2004 at the Australian Grand Prix, I will be hearing about this. Yipes!




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I know how you feel Bart! I usually do stupid stuff when I'm trying to show off or impress someone too. :oops:

Q - What are a drunken ******** last words?
A - Hey y'all! Watch this!
Bazil said:
"Never drive less than an automatic" :green:
Now Bazil, my car has a manual transmission. Are you saying that I can't handle it!?!
Sure it doesn't go well into 2nd when cold. Sure the shifting is less precise and slower then an automatic. Sure I have to remember to upshift or downshift rather than some sensor deciding the optimum gear. Sure I have to remind my wife that the clutch needs to be either on or off and that position in the middle really isn't good for it. Sure I have to juggle the coffee cup and blinker while I'm trying to downshift for the corner. But hey! At least I don't have another freakin' filter that needs changing!

Who's laughing now Bazil!!
Bazil said:
I'm really not sure what you're getting at.

Pete04222 said:
At least I don't have another freakin' filter that needs changing!
I really have no idea about this bit - very strange!! :nuts:

Pete04222 said:
Who's laughing now Bazil!!
Andrew for one!! :green:
I was messing with you! The post was meant to be very strange! I love automatics! You never miss a shift, you can concentrate on driving and not shifting. For my daily driver I insist on an automatic. For my toys I enjoy a manual; not because it is better, because I like it. You and I are both regulars here, when I make a post that seems odd....It was probably meant to be.

I laughed at your little rib on Bart as much as Andrew!
Bazil said:
Question is - do you take your driving test in an auto or a manual? If you take it in an auto, do you need to take an extra test, in order to drive a manual?
Nope, 1 test is good for all cars. You can take your license test in a Yugo with an automatic and the next day you could be driving around in a 40 foot long diesel powered motorhome with a manual transmission.

In some states you need to take a separate exam to operate a motorcycle or a moped, in others you do not. There are separate exams for school bus drivers and vehicles above 26,000 lbs. There are endorsement tests for carrying hazardous materials, tank vehicles (1,000 gallons or more), double or triple trailers and vehicles that carry more than 15 passengers.

But here in Maine, if you are at least 16 years old and you can handle a Yugo for the examiner, you can legally drive anything up to 26,000 lbs with 14 people onboard. (Oh, and you can get a learner's permit at 15, the restriction of this is that you must be accompanied by someone who is 20 years old and has had a driver's license for 1 year. I guess that is so there is someone with enough experience to tell you to get your foot off the clutch!)
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Bazil said:
That is absolutely terrifying!!

But it probably explains why you chaps can't change gear properly!!!!

:green: :wink: :green: :wink: :green:
Don't you start up with me again Bazil!!!! :green:
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